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Gama Ikan Bakar & Seafood
Green Terrace Taman Mini, Jakarta Timur
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Reservation: (021) 29-378-575 / 29-378-578
Whatsapp: 0877-7575-8098

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Ikan Fish
price per ons (100 gram)
House Specialties
price per portion

Kepiting Crab
price per portion

Udang Prawn
price per portion

Kerang Shellfish
price per portion

Cumi-Cumi Squid
price per portion

Non-Seafood Meat&Poultry
price per portion

Sampingan Sides
price per portion


price per portion

Sayuran Vegetables
price per portion

Minuman Drinks
Cold Drinks
price per glass
Bottled Drinks (Chilled)
price per bottle
Hot Drinks
price per serve
Traditional Hot Drinks
price per serve
From the Bar
price per glass
Fresh Juices
price per glass

Desserts Shaved Ice
price per bowl

For Events

Gama Ikan Bakar & Seafood offers additional services for your special events. Both on-site and off-site catering (i.e. outside catering) are available for celebratory events such as weddings, engagements, reunions and birthdays.

Our services are also suitable for corporate events such as office meetings, gatherings and products launches. Decorations, props, LCD projectors, sound systems and accompanying musician can be provided by request.

To help with your planning we offer the followings:

  • Package Menu Menu Paket
  • Kid’s Package Menu Menu Paket Anak
  • Rice Box Nasi Dus
  • Tumpeng Rice Nasi Tumpeng
  • Brokohan Rice Nasi Brokohan
  • Buffet Menu Menu Prasmanan
For further information or for any enquiries, please do not hesitate to approach our staff members.

Menu Paket

from 60,000 / person

Nasi Dus

from 35,000 / box

Nasi Tumpeng

from 350,000 / tumpeng